Management Consultancy

Bill Sanderson is a founding partner of The Oakfield Consultancy Partnership, a management and business consultancy. The partners all have long experience covering a wide range of disciplines and industries. Here is a summary of our areas of competence: further details of Oakfield may be found by following the link below.

Areas of Competence

  • Finance - profitability analysis, working capital control, financial planning and reporting (eg “dashboards” and benchmarking)
  • Strategic Planning - business review, portfolio analysis, SWOT and PESTE analysis, core competence identification
  • Human Resource Development - human resource planning, outsourcing, selection, employment contracts, personal and team development, communication programmes, training and performance management
  • Sales and Marketing - strategy, CRM, sales analysis, pricing, promotions, budgeting and monitoring of sales performance
  • Quality Management and Control - quality standards, procedures, audit, monitoring and controls
  • Safety Management - systematic loss control, risk analysis, decision analysis
  • Manufacturing - planning, efficiency, production flow, stock controls, distribution and maintenance procedures
  • Information Management - data processing, IT optimisation, procedures, controls and knowledge management
  • Service Delivery - customer relationships, speed of response, information flows, delivery processes and supply chain management

Oakfield works with clients to add value in all these areas. Our diagnostic approach enables us to identify cost savings and performance improvements through examining:

  • the whole of your company and its key performance indicators
  • the individual operations within your business and the interrelationships between them
  • strengths on which your business can build as well as any weaknesses that might jeopardise future progress We want to make a real contribution to your business success.