Over 35 years experience in R&D as scientist, manager and consultant, throughout the whole spectrum of technical work from exploratory studies to process scale-up and product customer assistance, and in both speciality and commodity product areas. Involved in many academic research collaborations in UK, Europe and USA. Creative and resourceful problem solver, using both analytical and conceptual thinking. Delivered technical consultancy to major chemical and consumer product companies in UK, Europe and USA, since 1998. See my Recent Assignments.


Worked extensively in inorganic, organic and physical chemistry - very broad general knowledge. Main area of expertise is oxidation, being an internationally-recognised industrial expert in the field of peroxygen chemistry.

Good knowledge of chemical synthesis methods and industrial routes. Particular interest and background in catalytic processes, sustainable technology, and interaction of inorganic with organic chemistry.

Wide experience of liquid formulations, including suspensions, emulsions and microemulsions, thickening and structuring - also micro-encapsulation techniques for liquids and solids.

Familiar with process intensification techniques including microwave- and ultrasound-assisted chemistry and supercritical fluids.


Detailed knowledge of several industry sectors, including speciality and commodity chemicals, detergents and consumer products, industrial and institutional products, water and effluent treatment.


BSc Hons Chemistry (Sheffield) 1973; MRSC C Chem (RSC) 1983-; MACS 1989-; C Sci 2004-

Co-author of 32 patent applications and 18 technical papers in a range of areas, including authorship of book chapters in "Chemistry of Waste Minimisation" (1995), and "Handbook of Green Chemistry and Technology (2002).

Lectured at International Conferences and Symposia in UK, France, Netherlands, Italy and USA. Visiting Faculty member at University of East Anglia 1992-2000, having lectured on both inorganic and organic courses.

Referee on oxidation chemistry and some other topics (eg sonochemistry, radical reactions), for the RSC (Perkin, Dalton, Faraday, Chem Comm and J Chem Res); SCI (J Chem Techn Biotechn); Elsevier/ Pergamon (Tetrahedron and Tet Lett); and J Mol Cat A.


Many assignments have been completed over the last 15 years, and some are still in progress. Here are a few examples of the tasks undertaken:


Survey of peroxygen stabilisation chemistry and technology
Ingredient compatibility and stabilisation in aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide formulations

Process development and manufacture,

  • Advise on chemistry and side reactions in amine oxidation for full scale manufacture
  • Conduct feasibility study and costing for peracid production unit
  • Advise on process involving hydrogen peroxide in organic solution
  • Improve efficiency of preparation and isolation method for unstable organic peroxide
  • Enable efficient synthesis of peroxygen compound from insufficiently detailed patent information

Basic research

  • Clarify chemistry of hair bleaching and oxidative dye formation
  • Assist in determining impact of packaging on pharmaceutical product stability
  • Advise on compounds, approaches and methods for destruction of toxic agents
  • Assist in research on carbohydrate oxidation to obtain added-value products
  • Prepare and deliver internal lectures/ seminars on oxidation chemistry, metal catalysis and bleaching
  • Assist University research project on asymmetric epoxidation


  • Identify, and establish feasibility of, novel non-aggressive approaches to surface cleaning

Patent studies

  • Assist in patent litigation regarding peroxide chemistry in personal care products
  • Critical evaluation and commentary on patents relating to bleaching and oxidation


  • Study of likely environmental fate of peracid
  • Identify and advise on effluent treatment options


  • Conduct business analysis and review for specialised niche manufacturer
  • Locate manufacturing capability for specific organic transformation