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Career Experience

Date Title
Aug 1998-present Self-employed Consultant
Delivering technical consultancy to a range of well-known chemical and consumer products companies in UK, Europe and USA, and management consultancy as founding partner with The Oakfield Consultancy Partnership (Chester).

All the following postions were held within Solvay Interox Research and Development

Date Title
Jan 1994-Jul 1998 Research Management Associate

  • Advice to Research and Business Management on orientation and composition of R&D Programme

  • Advice to Patent Agents on technical and business significance of Company and third party patents to determine policy and priorities

  • Internal consultancy on all aspects of R&D work, and procurement of external consultancy help where necessary

  • Coordination of external R&D in support of technical programme

  • Technology watch on external developments relevant to Company’s business

  • (since April 1996 – R&D Senior Management Team member).
Date Title
June 1990-Dec 1993 Research Manager

  • Member of R&D Senior Management Team during introduction of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, TQM, and Safety management based on ISRS

  • Manager of R&D Group of approx 25-40 people (changed during period) engaged in work on Chemical Synthesis, Detergents, Pilot Plant and Exploratory Research, related to peroxygen chemistry
Date Title
May 1986-Jun 1990 Principal Scientist (Organics Research/ Innovation)

  • Section Manager in charge of research into peroxygen applications in Chemical Synthesis, and of Innovations work for Interox and Laporte

  • Industrial Supervisor of external research projects in UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Portugal and USA
Date Title
Apr 1980-Apr 1986 Senior Scientist (Detergents)

  • Team Leader for research in low temperature bleaching systems based on inorganic catalysts and organic activators (acylating agents) with H2O2

  • Ran major project (up to 12 people) on development of new liquid bleaching products effective at cool temperatures, based on activators and peracids
Date Title
Jan 1976-Mar 1980 Scientist (Environment)

  • Worked on kinetics of sulphide oxidation by H2O2 and O2, catalysed cyanide oxidation, industrial effluent treatment by flocculation and oxidation (including Fenton’s reagent) and sandfilter remediation

  • Provided technical advice to marketing personnel and frequently visited customers in industrial and municipal sectors.
Date Title
Jul 1973-Dec 1975 Scientist (Fluorides and inorganics)

  • Worked on new and improved processes for manufacture of potassium fluoride, fluoroborate, fluorotitanate and fluorozirconate

  • Worked on improved processes for manufacture of ferric chloride and ferric sulphate