A chemist, with a 40-year record of technical problem solving including close working with commercial functions. Strongest in oxidation chemistry: an internationally-recognised industrial expert in the peroxygen field, and an effective presenter, writer and referee on this and other topics. Named on over 30 patents and 18 technical papers. Visiting Lecturer at the University of East Anglia from 1990-2000.

A technical manager, with 15 years' experience of leading teams of between 10 and 40 in product and process research and development. Several years as a member of the Senior Management Team of an innovative R&D Department that had an award-winning safety record and became one of very few registered under ISO 9001.

A planner and coordinator, working for 5 years on the orientation and effectiveness of the Company's R&D programme, including the annual process for developing the portfolio itself. Pioneered the use of Portfolio Analysis (A D Little's "Third Generation R&D") to decide the composition of the work, and developed an annual audit of the outcome of each project, which led to improved performance.

An accomplished technical and management consultant, working for the last 19 years with a wide range of clients. These have included blue-chip companies in heavy and fine chemicals, in pharmaceuticals, and in consumer (personal care and household cleaning) products; and also universities and government. Work has been delivered in/ for the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Finland and the USA.

Many assignments have been completed over the last few years. See a few examples of the tasks undertaken.